Building with purpose or bringing meaning back to your event production is something so many events lack. They aren’t spending enough time thinking about the full experience. Everyone has been to a charity event where you sit around a table, eating a chicken dinner, and asked to participate in an auction. When you look around the room, as event producers, our sights go to the set-up, the way the event is configured, the way it’s built. We take all those aspects in and focus on the details so your guest will establish a greater connection to a cause.

We have watched many event organizers spend so much money on events. No matter what the event is, it appears these organizers really don’t think about how their event influences what they’re trying to accomplish. Many times, if you’re producing an event, you’re typically trying to engage your audience into something you find valuable. You want them to connect with your brand, to become a potential buyer, someone who’s looking to be a part of something good to your cause. Whatever the case might be, typically event organizers are trying to create an experience and truly unite with their audience.

When we think of building an event, we think about the way that it’s laid out. We think about the way somebody enters, their experience once they’re inside: WHAT they see, WHO they see, WHERE they’re sitting, HOW they move about, HOW they depart. Every event producer should consider all these aspects of event production and ask themselves: What are the last things to think about? What are all those different mini experiences that lead to a lasting impression or a thought? We think events that have figured out how to build with purpose, and really be able to connect people to meaning, are able to take all those mini experiences and see the forming of a relationship.

That’s what you have the potential to win with an event. You have the potential to really help change someone’s mind, heart, or soul, their happiness, or goodness, or thoughtfulness and reflectiveness. A lot of times people have this great intention with their event, but many don’t spend the time to build it that way. They don’t think through the building enough. They don’t hire the people that can actually help them accomplish this. And so, their results are weak.

Yes, maybe they raised money, maybe they saw large numbers in attendance, but by not thinking through the experience and purpose of the build, they missed the mark in truly aligning with their audience. Instead of focusing on the bigger picture of creating support throughout the year, they focused on the immediate need. Sure, maybe the person had an enjoyable time at the event, but were they given a chance to actually engage with the brand or organization? By not incorporating the brand ethos into the event, the audience may be present, but not engaged.

One of the things that we believe our company really works hard to do, is creating and building events that have purpose to it. Building mini experiences that create connection and what we ultimately call, believability.  Your event’s environment needs to be conducive to what you’re saying or trying to sell your audience. Only when those items are in sync, will your audience be truly engaged and in turn a returning customer or guest.

So, we encourage our customers to think about their event production and build with thoughtfulness, build with creativity, build with meaning and in the end it will come back around.


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