Largescale COVID-19 Testing Sites

Build the largest COVID-19 testing sites in the nation.

Choura partnered with medical experts to create Lifeline Health — large-scale testing and vaccine centers so America can gather again.

60k+ Tests
Per Month
Medical Staff
Square Foot Site

Don't be Dangerous

While other event companies go virtual or close their doors, Choura is fighting for a way to bring America back to work by building the largest COVID-19 testing facilities in the nation.

The impetus for the privately-funded testing venue comes from increasing frustrations and problematic delays with public testing sites.

Lifeline’s big difference from public venues: Same-day results — which means reduced risk of infection and faster returns to life and work.

Lifeline's Tests & Process

Testing is administered by partners COVID Clinic and is fast and painless. Swab tests provide same-day results and are Emergency Use Authorized by the FDA.

Lifeline's headline site is centrally located at Silverlakes Sports Complex in the Inland Empire off of the 15 freeway.

Visit LIFELINE to book your test today.

Built to Gather Again

Choura has partnered with COVID Clinic on previous testing sites and has plans to expand Lifeline to additional locations. BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW via Lifeline.