Whether you need a custom structure, or something that we carry in house and is easily deployable, we have the ideal structure for your event. Structures are the most sought out event tenting style. Their durability and versatility makes them admirable for any outdoor event. The best structure for your event can be determined by numerous factors. Our premier clearspan structure inventory comes in a variety of styles and sizes. A-frame structures are our standard and most popular by design. A-frame clearspan structures use strong aluminum. They are perfect tents for big crowds such as weddings, parties, corporate events, trade shows, fashion shows, summer balls and more. The span of A Frame structures comes in meters and ranges from 3m to 5m. The length of time has no limitation, it is simply up to the needs of the client. There are no downward poles located inside of the tent, so they offer ample surface area to design something special inside for your guests. With no downward poles, you are maximizing the space that your A-Frame structure takes up.

In addition to the A-Frame structures, Choura also carries additional structure styles. Whatever your event tenting needs, we are here to ensure that they are met and executed gracefully. All of these structures are heavy duty, rapidly deployable and able to be installed quickly on almost any kinda of surface – concrete, soil, wood, or asphalt. We are here to work with you on selecting the perfect location to place your oven structure.

The structures can also be outfitted with hardwall, glass doors and custom branding in numerous areas inside and outside of the structures.From gala’s to industrial projects, clearspan structures are ideal for every tenting related need. 

Have specific questions? Reach out to one of our sales professionals and they can get you a custom generated quote.