Building a world-class destination for the most celebrated athletes in golf.

Choura helped house the platform for golf’s most esteemed players with a 90+ day build that incorporated custom structures, flooring solutions, spatial designs, and architectural engineering.

7+ Years
of Partnership
30+ Person Crew
and Installers
3 Months
of Build
Square Feet of Build

Supporting the Legacy

For over seven years, Choura has partnered with Pebble Beach Company to help deliver its iconic experiences such as Pebble Beach Concours and the AT&T Golf Championship.

Additionally, we've partnered with the company on the US Open Golf Championship for the past three years. Our most recent collaboration included building 300k square feet of tenting and custom flooring with a 30+ person crew over the course of the 3-month installation.

Choura has worked with the venue for over 5 years creating luxury experiences for various automotive and sporting clients.