We are an experience company of creative builders. We design events with purpose by asking the right questions and injecting meaning into everything we do.

We build experiences that can be the good things people talk about. Because the world needs more of that.

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All In-House Capabilities

Less outsourcing means more creative control, budget efficiencies, and a single point of contact from ideation to installation.

Experiential Concepts & Design

We unpack brand priorities to deliver creative that converts.

  • Discovery and Event Strategy
  • Mood Boards and Layouts
  • 3D Spatial Renderings
  • Graphics and Printing
  • Content and Campaigns

Custom Fabrication

Build experts and engineers transform visions into tangible realities.

  • Technical Build Drawings
  • CNC Services
  • Material Consulting
  • Architectural Engineering
  • CAD Layouts

Event Production

Seasoned producers translate the big picture down to the details.

  • Content Production
  • Full-Support Staffing
  • Insurance and Permitting
  • Logistics and Project Management
  • AV and Lighting

Tenting & Structures

The largest inventory in the Western U.S. scalable for any style and size.

  • Clear and Double Span
  • Double Decker
  • Mini and Midi Beam
  • Arcum
  • Semi-Permanent
  • Sailcloth / Tidewater
Ryan Choura brings 20+ years of event industry expertise to the team. Under his guiding mantra, "Don't Be Boring", he leads a robust team of designers, builders, and producers to build experiences with purpose.
Founder & CEO

A Word From Ryan

“Don’t Be Boring”— it’s a phrase I challenged my teams with years ago and it stuck as a mantra that continues to guide our approach. To us, it means do something of value. Build with purpose. Do what it takes to get it done, and get it done with heart.

15 years later, I continue to lead every day with this mindset — how can we not only gather people to entertain, but to bring change... To elicit action... To move individuals and impact movements.

I’ve been fortunate to lead teams of over 200, work with world-class brands, and share my perspective with respected outlets such as the LA Times and Rolling Stone. But the moments that bring me the most fulfillment are when we get to play a part in something bigger — when our work brings goodness to peoples’ lives.