Mar 4, 2020

Choura Responds to COVID-19 by Building with Purpose

When COVID-19 impacted the event industry, Choura like so many others had to find a way to pivot fast. But rather than rely on virtual experiences or going digital, the team found a way to respond by bringing good. Through deploying our event production and build expertise, our teams aligned with best-in-class hospitals and medical facilities to build COVID-19 testing and triage sites.

Our response to the pandemic garnered the attention of reporters at the Los Angeles Time. Read more of the story here.

Ryan Choura LA Times
Ryan Choura at Fountain Valley Regional

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Choura Events: An Experience Company. Building pretty is easy. Building with purpose takes guts. Amongst an industry of order-takers, we don’t fit in. We find out. We’re after the moments that can’t be replicated. The events that transcend walls and transform individuals.

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