How Los Angeles Company Is Creating Custom Outdoor Builds Helping Cities Transform and Adapt During COVID




The COVID-19 pandemic has caused lots of uncertainty in the world. And while standing by and waiting for all of the madness to die down, brands are coming up with innovative ideas to help cities adapt and thrive during this period.  In Los Angeles creating custom outdoor builds has been one of many ways that companies are working hard to think and expand ‘outside the box’ during these challenging economic times.

Choura is one of those brands that have been at the forefront, offering creative approaches to ensuring that residents of Los Angeles and California at large can adapt easily during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They’ve helped churches, restaurants, and small gatherings go on as usual, thanks to their innovation. Because of the COVID-19 safety regulations, people couldn’t gather in numbers to curb the virus’s spread.

And based on the same CDC regulations, Choura found a way to ensure that these events don’t cause an increased spread of the virus. COVID-19 can be transmitted through small droplets produced when an individual talks, coughs, sneezes, etc. 

To ensure everyone’s safety, it is advised by the CDC that all the gatherings should be held outside to ensure that air is adequately circulated and for everyone to maintain proper social distancing. 

CDC, in their recommendation for the reopening of churches, said, “Consider holding services and gatherings in a large, well-ventilated area or outdoors, as circumstances and faith traditions allow.”

We’ve put everything in place to ensure that we abide by the safety guidelines. Including site testing, partitions between seats, and additional measures to make sure that your gathering is as safe as it can be during these unprecedented times

These outdoor tents make it safe for churches, schools, restaurants, and events to remain open and functional. We’ve done some fantastic work for various establishments in San Pedro, Long Beach, Laguna Beach, Santa Ana and other California areas. 

Let Choura Create Los Angeles Custom Outdoor Builds

We have a diverse inventory of tents to help you remain open and adapt during this COVID-19 period. If you want a sophisticated outdoor and indoor design, let’s get started here.


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