Outdoor dining, also known as alfresco dining, is becoming a norm as restaurants reopen from the lockdown. They’ve started setting tables on sidewalks, public plazas, streets, etc. 

Studies show that restaurants lost more than $120 billion in sales during March, April, and May. This has caused restaurant owners to jump on this opportunity as they now see it as an ideal means of getting back in business faster and making their money back. 

And with some states loosening their stay-at-home restrictions, outdoor dining could attract even more restaurant owners in the future. Here are some benefits of the Alfresco dining: Italian for “spending time in the cooler.”

It Creates More Revenue

Because it’s outdoors, more customers will be attracted because of the whole idea of it. Dining outside is not something you’d do on a typical day, so it triggers a sense of adventure in everyone, giving the meals that fresh feeling. 

More people will want to spend on wine, beer, and liquor because of that same feeling, thus making you more money.

Also, you get to increase your capacity because of the extra space you get outdoors. “Our patio is a big part of our success,” said Paul Cataldo, owner of Antonio’s. ”We currently have 45 seats, but once the lockdowns are over and we can have full capacity, we could get up to 60 guests seated. We try to use tiki torches, fire pits, and other things to keep our guests comfortable [from bugs].”

More Comfortable for Your Guests

Every restaurant seeks to create a most comfortable ambiance for their guests that will keep them coming back. The view and amenities your guests can enjoy outdoor restaurants can’t be overlooked. 

When appropriately designed by outdoor build experts, you can protect your guests from insects, harmful UV rays and keep them warm during unpredictable weather. Plus other items that make your restaurants extra comfortable. 

Thinking of Setting up an Outdoor Restaurant?

With more businesses setting up outdoor restaurants here and there, innovations have started springing up, and you can’t afford to be left behind.

This is why we at Choura have created a service to help businesses set up outdoor events, create outdoor builds, and equip them with facilities that make the stay extra comfortable for your guests.

Let’s help you set up your outdoor restaurant here.

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