Premier Outdoor Event Builder Choura Events Expands To Las Vegas, Promising Cost-Efficiency And Unmatched Event Experiences

As Event Production Costs Climb, Choura's Entry into Las Vegas Offers Cost Reductions for Las Vegas’s EverExpanding Outdoor Event Landscape

Jennie Peters from 82 Rogue


TORRANCE, CA. (September 12, 2023) – Choura Events, the West Coast’s largest privately held tent company specializing in building elaborate large, temporary outdoor environments, today announced its expansion into the Las Vegas marketplace. This will give the city’s event producers much-needed relief from the soaring costs associated with shipping in production elements and securing out of state labor. By establishing a Las Vegas hub, Choura offers event producers an array of benefits, including:

  • Cost Efficiency: Reduced transportation costs for event producers, minimizing the need for long-haul trucking, out of state labor, expensive accommodations, and per diems.
  • Operational Productivity: Reduced lead times and increased operational efficiency with a local partner.
  • Innovative Solutions: Access to the largest variety of temporary structure builds in the Western United States, offering producers elements to deliver high-end hospitality.
  • Sustainability: Local availability of structures reduces carbon footprints and aligns with the industry’s concentrated focus on sustainability.
  • Local Job Creation: Creating employment opportunities and investments in the local economy.

“Las Vegas deserves a premier event company that gives event producers a localized, highly skilled labor force, capable of building intricate outdoor structures that enhance every aspect of the fan’s experience,” said Ryan Choura, CEO of Choura Events. “When a large outdoor event is produced in Las Vegas, many assets must be shipped across state lines, typically from places like Florida, Wisconsin, and California, adding unneeded time and expense to every build. We want to streamline this process by offering an alternative that cuts excess costs, relieving some of the budgetary strains many event producers feel in the postpandemic era. We’re planting roots in Las Vegas to be a key part of the city’s outdoor event landscape and demonstrate our commitment to our industry’s growth in one of the nation’s most vibrant and iconic event locations.”

Choura is a trusted partner of GoldenVoice, USGA, Long Beach Grand Prix, The Oscars, ESPY’s, Golden Globes, and more. From multidimensional tent structures that redefine event aesthetics to sustainable builds that echo modern brands’ ethos, Choura boasts the most extensive depth of inventory in the marketplace with the largest variety of temporary structure builds in the Western United States, including A-frame, curve beam, festival tents, arcum, jumbo trac, jet tents, double-decker structures, cabanas, truss structures, and furniture. Structures can accommodate air conditioning or provide shaded options for simple, cost-effective ways to keep people cool and safe in record heat. With its new operational hub in Las Vegas, Choura is poised to help elevate upcoming high-profile events such as the “When We Were Young” Music Festival, Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, and Super Bowl LVIII.

The company’s commitment to the Las Vegas community goes beyond events. Their expansion is set to employ 50-70 full-time and 50-75 part-time/temporary workers, emphasizing local hires. Additionally, Choura is proud to announce its commitment to local charity organizations, notably The Just One Project’s. In collaboration with F1, Power Trip, CodeFour, and VX Design, Choura supports the organization’s Pop Up & Give Mobile Market, a crucial program that provides fresh food to Southern Nevada residents and families by removing barriers and increasing access to groceries. Pop Up & Give Mobile Markets supported by Choura will be set up at Allegiant & The Sphere.

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