Tents & Structures

At Choura, we don’t just build structures; we shape them with innovation. Our diverse tenting and structural solutions are designed to enhance the ambiance of music festivals, sporting events, and expansive outdoor live events, bringing your vision to life.


Dive into our extensive inventory of tents and structures, each thoughtfully designed for music festivals, sporting events, and expansive outdoor live events.

Tenting Styles


A versatile tent with a peaked roofline, suitable for a wide range of events.

Applications: Weddings, corporate events, fairs, and festivals.

Advantages: Provides efficient space without interior obstructions, versatile in terms of size, and suitable for most terrains.

Sizing: Ranging between 3M to 50M

Door Infills: Glass, White, and Clear

Wall Options: Hard Wall, White, Clear, F. Window, and HVAC

Torrance Memorial A-Frame Sturcture
Custom Arcum in an outside community center


Distinguished by its modern curved design, instantly becoming a focal point at any event. 

Applications: Exhibitions, weddings, corporate events

Advantages: Aesthetically pleasing, offers spacious interiors, and withstands various weather conditions.

Sizing: Ranging between 6M to 15M

Door Infills: Glass, White, and Clear

Wall Options: Hard Wall, White, Clear, Glass, F. Window, and HVAC

Frame Tents

Known for their versatility and ease of installation, with a free-standing structure that doesn’t require center poles, allowing for unobstructed event spaces. 

Applications: Events needing unobstructed interiors like dance floors or exhibitions, and smaller parties/events.

Advantages: Flexibility in placement (even on hard surfaces), clear interiors, and relatively easy setup.

Sizing: Ranging between 6X to 50X

Door Infills: White and Clear

Wall Options: White, Clear, and Panorama

line of small vendor UC Irvine Festivals

Curve Beam Structure

Known for their elegant arching design, add a touch of sophistication to any event. 

Applications: Concerts, theaters, corporate events, and sports events.

Advantages: Aesthetically pleasing, good for acoustics, and offers a unique event space.

Sizing: Ranging between 20X to 100X

Door Infills: White and Clear

Wall Options: White, Clear, and F. Window

Round | Half Round Tents

Circular tents, delivering a unique spatial experience, either fully round or semi-circular.

Applications: Special occasions, theme parties, and ceremonies.

Advantages: Unique shape for a standout event, optimal space utilization, and offers a centralized focal point.

Sizing: 60X, 100X, 40M, 40M Round

Door Infills: White and Clear

Wall Options: White, Clear, F. Window, and HVAC

Pole Tent lit up at night

Pole Tents

Traditional in design but timeless in appeal. Supported by poles around the perimeter and in the center, creating a peaked top.

Applications: Weddings, circuses, festivals, and fairs.

Advantages: Classic aesthetic, efficient setup, and larger sizes available for big gatherings.

Sizing: Ranges between 60X to 120X

Door Infills: White Center door only

Wall Options: White, Clear, and F. Window

Double Decker

Two-storied tent structure with an option for balconies or open areas on the top floor.

Applications: VIP events, sports events, or any occasion needing a separate elevated area.

Advantages: Optimal use of vertical space, offers a unique viewpoint for attendees, and is an attention-grabber. Elevator (optional).

Sizing: 15M

Door Infills: White, Clear, and Glass

Wall Options: Hard Wall, White, Clear, Glass, and Modern

Sunset on a Double Decker structure at Laguna Seca
BNP Parabis Jet Structure

Slope | Jet Tent

Characterized by a simple sloped roof without peaks.

Applications: Ideal for exhibitions, corporate events, and festivals due to their clean look.

Advantages: Quick setup, weather-resistant design, and no interior poles for unobstructed space.

Sizing: 20M

Door Infills: White, Clear, and Glass

Wall Options: White, Clear, Glass, and F. Window

Saddlespan structures

Resemble a saddle, with a sweeping and dramatic curve. 

Applications: Concerts, stage covers, and festival tents.

Advantages: Unique visual appearance, great for acoustics, and large, open space underneath.

Sizing: 60X

Custom Saddle Span across green grass
Pole Tents against scenic ocean

Mega Tents

For events that require a spacious yet straightforward solution, our Mega tents are the ideal choice.

Applications: Large-scale exhibitions, conventions, or temporary warehousing.

Advantages: Massive space, versatile interiors, and suitable for events with a high footfall.

Sizing: 12M


A hospitality area for VIP guests with shade and style.

Applications: Beach events, sporting events, and outdoor lounges.

Advantages: Creates a welcoming oasis for beachside events, upscale lounges, and outdoor gatherings. Its spacious interior offers shade and style, while seamlessly blending with its surroundings.

Sizing: Overall Dimensions – 10’2” W x 10’2” D x 8’6.5” H, Inside Dimensions – 10’ W x 10’ D x 8’ H


Truss Shading

Enhancing outdoor events with stylish shading solutions.

Applications: Designed to elevate outdoor gatherings, these shades provide an inviting ambiance for hospitality areas, cocktail lounges, and more.

Advantages: Offers expansive coverage while blending seamlessly with outdoor settings. They create comfortable spaces for guests to relax and socialize while staying protected from the elements.

Sizing: Standard lengths are 10′, 8′, 6′, and 5′

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