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At Choura, we don’t just build environments; we define them with style. With furniture looks curated for music festivals, sporting events, and almost any large, temporary outdoor environment, we help bring your vision to life.

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Take an in-depth look at our diverse furniture selection, complete with names and descriptions for each look. Hover over hotspots for comprehensive insights into each item.

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Spanish Hacienda

A captivating Spanish hacienda ambiance for outdoor galas and brand activation zones with rustic elegance and natural accents.

Neutral Corporate

Perfect for corporate sophistication, exuding sleek, modern vibes ideal for upscale events.

Grace & London

An inviting lounge space with sleek comfort and a touch of rustic charm, ideal for VIP areas, executive cabanas, and brand activation zones.

Ranch Bungalow

A rustic country theme, perfect for VIP areas, sponsor lounges, and event spaces, offering a warm atmosphere for guests

Herman Outdoor

A coastal escape with Herman lounge comforts, perfect for beachside festivals and laid-back outdoor lounges.

Oceanna Outdoor

An inviting outdoor oasis with Oceanna comforts, perfect for beach festivals and garden lounges.

Wade Outdoor

An outdoor space with Wade furniture and a sleek fire pit, versatile for upscale events, VIP lounges, and chic gatherings.

Florence Knolls

A contemporary chic with Florence Knolls seating and sleek glass tables, perfect for upscale events, VIP lounges, and modern gatherings.

Corbusier Minimalism

Modern elegance with Corbusier seating and a touch of greenery, ideal for sophisticated events, VIP lounges, and stylish gatherings.

Cocktail Seating

Cocktail seating options with high-top tables, complemented by chic greenery accents for a stylish cocktail lounge setup.

Communal Seating

Communal seating ambiance with versatile bar tables and barstools, offering open seating options for VIP areas and exclusive hospitality lounges.

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