Best Outdoor Dining Builds in Southern California




Outdoor dining offers some of the best experiences for eating. It lets you fully embrace how lively the outdoors can be. You enjoy the breeze, pedestrian chatter, and of course, the views, especially in Southern California, where it seems like you can dine outside all through the year. It’s truly unique. Here are 6 of the best outdoor dining builds in Southern California.

Downtown Santa Ana Outdoor Dining Builds

For a mouth-watering delight and a fantastic view, Downtown Santa Ana has some of the most visually appealing settings that linger on in your mind long after you’ve visited. This is one 

outdoor build setting that’s contemporary and attracts attention always. This build was done by Choura Events and has seen great traction from the people in Santa Ana. 

Extended Outdoor Dining setup at local restaurant

Choura Events: Outdoor Dining Solutions COVID-19

Watermans’ Harbor

Watermans’ Harbor offers some of the most incredible views you’ll get out there. Who wouldn’t want to dine while overseeing amazing views at a waterfront? The Watermans’ Harbor is famous for its Seafood that keeps you coming back. 

Hacienda de Vega

Hacienda de Vega’s outdoor dining offers you a calming experience while you dine in what seems like something that feels like an out-of-the-world encounter. The architecture and setting make it a place not to miss. 

El Indio Botanas Y Cerveza

Looking for where to get Tacos and a host of Mexican food in Southern California? Then you should try El Indio Botanas Y Cerveza. So Cal’s warm weather accompanied by the fantastic views makes El Indio Botanas Y Cerveza one of the best outdoor dining builds right now.

 outdoor dining build in southern California

Choura Events: Innovative Outdoor Dining Solution

Inn of the Seventh Ray

This is one of the more interesting outdoor builds in Southern California. It offers intimacy at its peak. This outdoor build’s ambiance is one to remember, thanks to the green leaves and the twinkly lights. The Inn of the Seventh Ray is up there as one of the best outdoor dining builds in Southern California because of the feel it gives its visitors.

Partner up With Choura for Your Outdoor Dining Builds

Out of these outdoor dining builds listed above, which of them is your favorite? At Choura, we’ve helped several restaurants set up outdoor builds so that they can remain open even in the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to help you too. Check out some of the work we’ve done, and let’s get started here

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