What You Need to Know About the Newly Arrived COVID Vaccine

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The first batch of the COVID vaccine has arrived in California amid record-breaking daily case numbers. This ushers in hope for the state’s battle against the virus.

Governor Newsom remarked in a statement, “It’s a day when we can lay claim to the fresh air of progress rather than that stale air of normalcy,” He added, “But we have to be sober and mindful about the moment we are in.”

Four California locations, including Los Angeles and San Diego, received 33,150 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine. The state expects 327,600 doses in the first allotment. Newsom also stated that the state would receive another 393,900 Pfizer doses next week. Upon approval of the Moderna vaccine, the state expects 672,600 doses by month-end.

According to Governor Newsom, California should receive a total of 2.16 million doses by the end of the year.

Who Will Get Vaccinated First?

Vaccination officers concluded that medical professionals should be vaccinated first because of their exposure to the virus. 

“When these groups get vaccinated, it not only protects them, keeping them available to support the medical needs of our city,” said Long Beach Health Officer Dr. Anissa Davis. “It also protects everyone who needs to receive care from them.”

How Much Do You Pay to Get Vaccinated?

Getting vaccinated is entirely free. The U.S government puts in $10 million into the manufacturing, research, development, and distribution of vaccines. You don’t have to pay anything, because the US government has taken care of it for you.

When Can the General Public Get Vaccinated?

According to a statement by Rina Shah, Group Vice President of Pharmacy Operations at Walgreens on Monday, said,  “Over the next couple of months we anticipate that we’ll be able to have [it in] our stores similar to the flu season,” 

When asked for a timeline, Rina said that it would be “hopefully in the spring timeframe.”

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