Church Tenting: Facilitating Safe In-Person Services

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How Tenting for Churches Has Helped Those Halted by COVID-19

Millions of Americans have worship and faith as a central pillar in their life. Church services and gathering in worship is at the center of this community of faith for many people. The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has halted many live gatherings across the world, including in places of worship. Hosting large gatherings of people inside has been discouraged, and even banned in many states. These regulations have made it difficult for religious communities to connect at church services. As many organizations try to adapt to the COVID-19 world, churches have been adjusting the way they hold services and gatherings to adhere to health guidelines. One of the ways that people have begun to adapt is by installing large outdoor church tenting in their parking lots to allow for a proper area to hold services while following social distancing rules.

Outdoor Tenting for Churches

From what researchers have discovered so far, the COVID-19 virus has a lower chance of transmission in outdoor settings. This has many businesses moving outdoors in order to keep their doors open. This has included places of worship, where many churches have moved their congregation out to the parking lot in order to hold services more safely. In order to provide an adequate environment for the service, many churches have been implementing large tents in their parking lots to provide shade while keeping enough room to maintain social distance.

For example, Choura recently built a large outdoor church tenting for the Rolling Hills Covenant. The tent holds 300 people, even while adhering to social distancing guidelines. These tents make it easy and safe to hold outdoor services, and revive the sense of community that is often found in churches. For more information on Choura’s tenting for churches, check out our website. 

Further Precautions Advised by The CDC 

The Center for Disease Control has a plethora of scientifically researched information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, including a page dedicated to considerations for communities of faith. The CDC states that a key precaution to take when considering the re-opening of a place of faith is to, “Consider holding services and gatherings in a large, well-ventilated area or outdoors, as circumstances and faith traditions allow.” Tenting for churches in order to hold outdoor services is a great foundational resource in order to ensure the safety of members. Other considerations encouraged by the CDC include many of the same precautions for any live events.

This means requiring church goers to wear masks, wash their hands frequently, and keep their distance from one another. It is also important for churches to offer options for their members that are at a higher risk for severe COVID infections, such as remote participation in services. Minimizing the community sharing of worship materials, such as shared bibles, will also help slow the spread of COVID-19. For a full list of considerations to take when considering reopening a church, visit the CDC website. Head over to our Instagram account ( or our Facebook page to check out our most recent tenting builds for churches. 

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Choura Events: Outdoor Temporary Structure Assembly


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