COVID-19 Response: Choura’s Remarkable Pivot




Choura’s Shift: From Event Management to Pandemic Response

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought the event industry to a halt, Choura viewed the crisis through a lens of opportunity. The shutdown meant that our tenting and structures, normally buzzing with event production, were now a vast inventory lying unused. In response to the COVID-19 challenge, as a company agile in our approach, we decided to pivot our business model to meet the demands of the time.

We repurposed our vacant tents to build COVID-19 sites, providing essential support to hospitals overwhelmed with the healthcare crisis. Our dedicated team partnered with local hospitals, creating community testing centers to aid the COVID-19 response. Leveraging our extensive resources, we created more than 15,000 square feet of build space. This shift in focus allowed us to collaborate with five different local hospitals, playing a vital role in enabling thousands to get tested, thus bolstering the wider COVID-19 response.

Ryan Choura inside Fountain Valley Regional Hospital Tent

Choura Events: Ryan Choura inside Fountain Valley Regional Hospital Tent

Rolling Stones Article:

“As he listened to the reports pour in, he heard governors on the news calling for help with temporary medical facilities. An idea started to take shape in his mind about how Choura Events could step in to ease that burden.

“During those first 72 hours, I started thinking: Hospitals are going to need our help,” Choura says. “I was like, ‘I know how to build temporary facilities. I could do this.’ So, we started calling our local hospitals.”

Soon, the company was building field hospitals and triage tents for Fountain Valley Regional Medical Center and other local facilities in need of more space for coronavirus patients. For Choura, the transition from outfitting music fests to aiding hospitals felt surprisingly smooth.”

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