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Pivoting to Action: Choura’s Rapid Response

As an event production company, Choura is deeply ingrained in the art of swift transitions and proficient problem-solving. Our work often involves adapting to unforeseen circumstances and finding effective solutions on the fly. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it completely disrupted our normal operations. Leaving us with a surplus of tents and supplies originally designated for bustling events. However, rather than viewing this as a setback, we saw it as a unique opportunity. Recognizing the potential in our resources, we knew we had the power to contribute significantly to the relief efforts. Guided by our commitment to the community and the inherent drive to make a positive impact. We resolved to harness our available materials and expertise for the greater good.


“Turns out the difference between making a tent for a festival like Coachella and a festival for medical triage isn’t all too different. According to Consequence of Sound, production companies Choura Events and Gallagher Staging have switched gears to start making tents and protective gear for medical workers.

“We pivoted so fast to being a rapid-response disaster relief team. If I didn’t know how to do Coachella, I couldn’t do this hospital,” Choura Events founder Ryan Choura at the Fountain Valley Regional Medical Center told the Times. “I saw patients coming in here and saw what they looked like. This is real, and we’ve got to move.” – Ryan Choura, Metal Injection.

As the pandemic continues on and creates obstacles in almost every industry, Choura makes it our mission to use the resources available to help combat the problem. With so many tents at our disposal, it’s an honor to be apart of the solution to build testing sites and triage centers for hospitals in need.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has thus far affected more than 839,000 people and caused at least 41,343 deaths. As hospitals and medical workers become overwhelmed, it’ll be great for people like Choura and Shaw to help any way they can.

Read the full story here. And check out our inventory here.

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Choura Events: Ryan Choura at the Choura Main Warehouse Office.
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