Event Planning: 5 Must-Ask Questions for Attendees

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Part of creating a memorable event for your audience is to anticipate their wants and needs beforehand. Doing this requires a simple procedure that entails sending out questionnaires to your attendees before the event. 

There are many benefits to doing this. Firstly, it communicates to the attendees that you’re committed to making the event special for them and also shows your professionalism. Plus, it gives your event that pre-event hype. That said, here are five questions to ask your attendees before hand and why they’re essential.

How Did You Hear About the Event?

This question helps you find out what’s working, and what’s not. So, you can target your marketing efforts accordingly. You won’t want to waste marketing money on platforms and outlets that aren’t working, so you must include this in the questionnaire. 

How Do You Feel About the Location?

Getting better informed about what people feel about your event’s location is crucial because it helps you see whether they’d need more push to attend. For example, telling them about the things they can do at the venue, around the area before the event, and explaining the additional benefits they’d get from the location helps them get more excited. 

What Are You Hoping to Get Out of the Event?

When you can find out what your attendees aim to get out of your event, keeping them engaged will be more comfortable. Let’s say they seek to network or learn, or be entertained. You can adjust the direction of the event to suit their needs.

Who Are You Looking Forward to Seeing?

It could be a guest speaker or whoever. But let’s face it, people attend events because of the guestlist. When you can find out who most of the attendees are looking forward to seeing, you can build extra excitement in them, make room for additional questions, etc. All of these contribute to making the event extra special for them.

Do You or Your Guests Have Any Food Allergies or Disabilities That We Should Know Of?

This particular question communicates to the attendee that you care about their needs and are invested in making it enjoyable for them. Not every organizer will inquire about this. This is why it puts you at an advantage and makes the attendee even more eager to attend.  Understand the most common food allergies that might come up so that you can plan your food choices around it.

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