Outdoor Party Planning: How To Keep Your Guests Warm




Who said you could not organize an outdoor party in winter? As the event planner, you’ve probably heard news about the cold and how the party usually dulls down. However, with the right preparation, you can make it as fun and memorable for your guests as a summer party. Here are a few ways to keep your guests warm at an outdoor party.

Use Fire Pits For Your Outdoor Party

fire pit with people gathered at an outdoor party

Choura Events: Fire Pit

There’s no way we would have created this list without mentioning fire, because how would you keep people warm outdoors (in winter) without fire? I think this type of setting can lighten up the mood of everyone around. Imagine your relatives or friends who you hadn’t seen in years, all bundled up around the source of heat, sharing stories and laughs. 

You would need a professional to install your fire pit, and if that’s a stretch, you might want to consider using firewood.

Get Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are one of those outdoor heaters that are easy to set up. There are several types of patio heaters, including tabletop, standing, and the hanging option. You have gas, propane, and electric, with electric patio heaters being the most commonly used for the types.

They’re eco-friendly and don’t discharge odor, noise, or gas. So, it’s a great option.

Serve Hot drinks and food.

Outdoor parties in winter are not the time to give out iced tea or anything cold. But, you can share something like hot chocolate, coffee, or spicy cocktails. For food, we’d suggest something right off the grill of a barbecue, soup, kebabs, or hot dogs in the spirit of the great outdoors.

As the event planner, you should go all out! Ensuring that everyone is warm and safe because outdoor parties in the winter can be very tricky.

Make Your Outdoor Party Atmosphere Warm With Candles and Proper Lighting

Part of getting your guests to feel warm is making the environment feel right. So light it up with some candles and soft lighting. 

When you can provide these for your guests, and with the right music playing, be rest assured that it will be a memorable night.

Distribute Throw Blankets At The Party

Most of these points are pretty obvious, but it’s essential to do your research correctly so everything can be in place.

If your guests will be around a fire or it’s going to be a movie night, giving the blankets for extra warmth is a necessity

Outdoor Party Planning Conclusion

Outdoor events can prove to be a lot of work, but it will go down in the books as one of those memorable events with the right preparation.

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