How to Get Your Brand Activation to Stand Out

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Competing in a Sea of Brands

In a world with hundreds of thousands of brands all vying for a similar audience’s attention, standing out can be a challenge. As brands compete for attention, the use of brand activation across multiple channels – experiential marketing, digital advertising, social media, and guerrilla marketing – becomes more critical.

Innovation and Clarity in Brand Messaging

Standing out requires innovation and the ability to connect your audience to your brand with a clear, easily accessible message. Brands that master this are on top because it feels authentic and doesn’t require lengthy explanations. In contrast, brands with confusing messaging or difficulty connecting intent with their messaging risk alienating their consumers.

Case Study: The Importance of Connection in Brand Activation

Consider an anonymous brand at CES one year. They created an engaging brand activation where guests could slide into plastic bubbles. While it was fun, it raised questions about the effectiveness of the brand connection. Were guests able to understand the brand and its ethos? Did it convert guests into buyers? These questions highlight the necessity of connection in brand activation.

Communicating Authenticity

Brands failing to communicate their point or build authenticity miss the mark with what consumers want. Cool or sexy branding without any meaning may attract attention, but it won’t bring customers back. Brands need to balance the cool factor with relevant, digestible information that turns consumers into brand believers. This increases ROI by creating positive brand sentiment.

Choura’s Approach to Branding

At Choura, we focus on authenticity, simplicity, and thoughtfulness, striving to create clear and presentable solutions. We love creating brand activations that reflect our sentiments in the space. CEO Ryan Choura shared a fitting quote, “being all hat and no cattle,” illustrating that many brands present a large persona but fail to provide a simple, thoughtful solution that consumers are interested in buying.

Partner with Choura

If you’re to partner with an agency that will help you find the meaning and drive purpose with your brand activation, check out our work and contact us for more information. We’re looking forward to building with you!

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