Los Angeles County Quarantine for Travelers




COVID-19 cases are surging in California. Consequently, Los Angeles County now enforces mandatory quarantine for outside travelers. Similar orders are also enforced in Santa Clara and San Francisco.

According to sources, over the past month LA County’s COVID cases doubled from 400,000 to 800,000. On Sunday alone, an additional 12,488 COVID cases were reported. The virus caused 91 deaths on that day. Currently, over 7500 COVID patients are hospitalized in the county. About 21% of these patients are in ICU.

To curb the spread, these travel orders are now in place. Barbara Ferrer, the Director of Public Health, emphasizes a straightforward strategy. She says, “When people stay away from others, the virus spread slows down.”

While under quarantine, travelers are advised to avoid contact with others. They are also encouraged to get groceries delivered for everyone’s safety.


Who Is Exempted From the Los Angeles Quarantine Order?

According to the official Los Angeles County document, the people exempted include:

  • Licensed healthcare professionals.
  • The people working for essential government or infrastructure reasons.
  • The people traveling through Los Angeles county and not staying overnight.
  • Members of professional sport teams.
  • Film or Media personnel, operating with the county.
  • Any person providing care to any minors, dependents, elderly persons, or persons with disabilities and whose travel was solely to provide care.

Get the complete list here.

How Long Will the Quarantine Order Last?

No date has been stated yet. But in a statement by L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer, she said

“We already saw what happened after all of the travel and the intermingling across the Thanksgiving holiday,” she said. “The possibilities are far too great that, in addition to the memories and gifts you came home with, you may have also brought the coronavirus.

“You may not show symptoms yet. You may never show symptoms. But that doesn’t mean you’re not infected with this virus. The best way to ensure you don’t infect others is to remain home for the COVID-19 incubation period. And this means for a minimum of 10 days.”

It’s Time to Opt for Hybrid Events

Indeed, the unfolding news signals a change for events. If COVID cases escalate in California and the U.S., more counties might have no choice but to enforce similar rules. Consequently, this might mean guests outside your county or state may not be able to attend.

Currently, COVID-19 cases in California are surging. As a result, Los Angeles County now mandates quarantine for incoming travelers. Likewise, Santa Clara and San Francisco have enforced similar orders.

In the past month, COVID cases in LA County have shockingly doubled from 400,000 to 800,000. Specifically, on Sunday, the county reported an additional 12,488 COVID cases. Sadly, these included 91 virus-caused deaths. At present, more than 7500 COVID patients are hospitalized, with 21% occupying ICU beds.

Travel orders have been set in place to curb the spread. Barbara Ferrer, the Director of Public Health, underscores a simple but crucial strategy. “The virus spread slows down when people avoid others,” she advises.

For everyone’s safety, quarantined travelers should strictly avoid contact with others. Additionally, it’s advisable for them to have groceries delivered.

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