Outdoor Dining Patios as COVID-19 Solutions

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Outdoor Dining Patios Give Solutions for COVID-19

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Choura Events: Outdoor Dining Solutions

How outdoor dining patios is at the center of America returning to “normalcy” in the COVID-19 pandemic that has left an incredible impact on industries everywhere. With the masses sent into quarantine, businesses, schools, and events have been shut down across the country. For the restaurant industry, take out was the primary form of business, since they were not able to open their doors for customers in the early months of the pandemic. Now, almost 8 months into the pandemic, restaurants across the country have begun to open for dine in service again, but with new solutions and precautions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The CDC has stated that the spread of the virus is less likely outdoors, because of the increase in air circulation and the ability to spread out from others. Because of this, restaurants have started looking for ways to expand their outdoor seating to allow for as many patrons as possible while still maintaining social distancing protocol. Al-fresco dining is looking to be the way for the foreseeable future. Especially in cities such as Los Angeles, where the weather is so mild, Choura has been able to partner with restaurants across the city to bring their business outdoors.

What kind of outdoor dining patios are restaurants using?

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Choura Events: Winter Tent Rental

Since the live events industry shut down in March, Choura has pivoted to start an innovative push towards the development of outdoor dining patios with our restaurant partners across Southern California. With our state of the art outdoor dining patio builds, small businesses in cities such as Laguna Beach and San Pedro have been able to keep their doors open, and allow for long time customers/community members to return.

Our builds include outdoor dining furniture and decking that can be quickly built to fit the needs of each restaurant. We also include barriers to provide patrons safety when eating outside at a restaurant that may be on the street. See an example of our parklette barriers at our restaurant partners in San Pedro. Wooden decks, slat table dividers, street barriers that come in a variety of stains and colors create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for patrons. Additional features can include plants, umbrellas, and lighting to provide ambiance that matches the style of the restaurant. Choura’s affordable and reliable builds provide a way for small business owners to keep their doors open during this time of uncertainty and economic hardship.

Where can I find these outdoor dining patios?

Colorful outdoor space at shopping plaza
Choura Events: Summer Outdoor Space

These structures have increased in popularity over the summer as people began to come out again after months of economic shutdown and quarantine. Choura has partnered with many restaurants in cities such as San Pedro, Long Beach, and Laguna Beach. Head out to these locations for some tasty food and an incredible ambiance. Plus you will be supporting small, local businesses that would love your support during this time. Choura is constantly building and expanding, so check out our website for updates on upcoming outdoor dining patios that you can enjoy in the Southern California area in the coming months. 








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