Outdoor Rentals in Torrance as COVID-19 Solutions

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Outdoor Solutions for COVID-19

Outdoor space at public plaza
Choura Events: Summer Outdoor Space

Since March of 2020, the United States has been in various forms of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants and small businesses have closed their doors. Workers have been sent home, and live events across the nation have been cancelled. Now, about 8 months into the pandemic, businesses have begun to reopen. Take a peek into what a post-COVID business model will look like. For many businesses, such as restaurants, it looks like moving tables outdoors and keeping them distanced from each other.  Using outdoor rentals in Torrance have become a vital necessity to create a safe enviornment.

The CDC has released helpful information for businesses and patrons on how to safely decide to go out. They have reason to believe that the virus does not spread as easily outdoors because of the increased air circulation. Other businesses besides restaurants have begun to move outdoors as well. Churches have set up large tents where people can gather for religious services. Schools have been moving desks outdoors for students, and even nail salons have taken their setups outdoors to serve patrons. As people begin to look at gathering again, outdoor set ups seem to be the future in order to keep people safe. At Choura, we have helped keep businesses alive by providing outdoor rentals; and partnerships for a variety of industries in Southern California.

Choura Events providing Outdoor Rentals in Torrance

Outdoor Dining Patios
Choura Events: Outdoor Dining Patios

Choura Events has been a strong part of the Torrance/South Bay community since its founding. Our warehouse is located in the heart of Torrance, and is still led by the founder, Ryan Choura, who has more than 20 years of experience in the events and rentals industry. Under his guiding mantra, “Don’t be boring”, he leads a robust team of designers, builders, and producers to build experiences with purpose.

We have the largest inventory in the Western U.S. that can be scalable to any size/occasion. With all in-house capabilities, this means less outsourcing and more creative control, budget efficiencies, and a single point of contact from idealization to installation for our partners. We’ve pivoted from setting up events such as music festivals and corporate gatherings, to providing support for businesses to begin to reopen. We have  partnered with restaurants, churches, nail salons, schools, and more with our state of the art tenting setups and outdoor palettes/patios to insure they can remain in business through these unprecedented times.

Where can I check out Choura’s outdoor rentals in Torrance?

Choura Warehouse in Torrance, Calfornia
Choura Events: Warehouse

If you are interested in partnering with Choura for an outdoor rental and build, contact us via our website for industry catalogues and more. If you would like to be a patron of one of our partners and check out our work in person, visit one of the many restaurants in the Southern California area that are Choura partners. In cities such as San Pedro, Long Beach, and Laguna Beach, you can enjoy a safe meal outdoors at a socially distant table, with a fantastic ambiance entirely designed by Choura. We keep on building to keep up with our latest partners and builds, visit our website, or follow us on Instagram @choura.co.







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