Outdoor Parties: 5 Ways to Impress Your Guests




Outdoor rentals and events are a big part of any event planning.  Whether we’re in a pandemic and outdoor events are at an all time high for safety or back to normal and creating the perfect ambience for your guest we want to help you make it perfect! Here are five tips to ensure that your outdoor parties are extra entertaining for your guests.

Work with the weather.

Not considering the weather when setting up for your party, make or break your event. Because it won’t be nice if you’re guests are freezing because you didn’t make outdoor heaters available at your winter party. When it’s windy, you should consider getting tablecloth weights that ensure that the table’s content doesn’t get pushed off with heavy winds.

Encourage Mingling

You have to take the extra steps to ensure that your guests communicate with each other. Because we’re all social animals and when we don’t communicate, things tend to get boring. So when setting up, try to ensure that the drinks are placed in one spot and dessert at another. This will allow people to move around, thus getting them noticed and ultimately communicating.

Set the mood

Do you plan on keeping your guests around for long? Then you should work on creating the perfect mood for them–candles, repurposed Christmas lights, and whatever soft lighting you can get goes a long way to ensure that the mood is right.

Keep bugs off

Outdoor parties attract bugs, and these little guys are always curious about what’s going on, so even if you don’t give them a formal invitation, they’ll still invite themselves to the party. Which is why you should keep them off. Use incense sticks, citronella candles, or bug spray, and they’ll get the message to stay off.

Gather around a fire

What’s more intimate than being around a fire telling stories? This is one move that can make your outdoor party memorable to your guests. Fire pits are an excellent investment as they can be used repeatedly. 

Bonus: Serve food according to the weather

Part of entertaining your guests is ensuring that they’re comfortable. And this entails serving food according to the weather. You don’t want to serve something cold in winter or something hot on steamy nights. Try to go for cooling food on warmer days etc.

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