Tips for Choosing the Right Tent for Your Outdoor Event

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An outdoor event can make some of the most memorable experiences, from having enough space to place everything to being in nature, especially when there’s great weather, everything just seems to feel good. 

But one key ingredient that can make or break an outdoor event is tenting. Getting the right tent can be a headache. And this is where many party planners get stuck because they are not experienced enough in choosing the best tent for outdoor events.

That said, here are some tips event planners should know when choosing the right tent for their outdoor parties.

Check your weather reports before your event.

The weather is one crucial factor that should be considered when choosing a tent. Find out if it’s going to rain, if you’ll have strong winds or if there’ll be cold air?  For heavy rains, you’ll want to go with something with water and rust-resistant roofs and frames. For cold air, strong winds, and water, you should consider getting side covers, flooring, and gutters. And if Sun is your primary concern, invest in getting UV-resistant fabric roofs.

How many people are you expecting?

The number of people you’re expecting for your event determines your tent size. Would you get one big tent? Or a bunch of small tents? All these can be discussed with a professional who will guide you on the best option while taking your situation into account.

Outdoor Event Location Set Up?

Many event planners know how they want their location to look, which is fine, but knowing how you set up is defined by the location and type of tents. When you’re choosing your tent, you’d want to consider the surface. Are you setting up on grass, concrete, or carpet? There are different tent types suitable for these surfaces.

Outdoor Event Quality

Whether you choose to buy or rent; your tents’ quality is critical to how well they will fare under challenging situations. 

This is why it’s vital to work with a trusted retailer or an event production company like Choura, who is experienced in picking out the best quality tents and everything your event needs to make it extra special. Because who will want their tents to rip halfway into their events? The embarrassment!

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