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True [X] @ Brandweek

Choura Events, acclaimed for transforming spaces, set BrandWeek abuzz, creating a standout executive lounge that perfectly mirrored the brand’s ethos. This custom lounge, a living representation of the brand, captured the attendees’ attention and became a cornerstone of this premier industry event. The chatter around this space was undeniable, proving once again the transformative power of thoughtful design and execution.


Modular Build




Soho Vibes in Palm Springs

Breathing life into a previously mundane hotel room, we crafted an executive oasis that emulated the elegance and charm of SoHo House. Each detail, from precision-cut flooring to all-encompassing hedge wrapping and bespoke decor, was meticulously considered. The transformation was astounding, turning a once-dreary room into an awe-inspiring, conversation-starting environment.

This dynamic setting, central to BrandWeek, served as a strategic advantage for true[X] executives. It not only provided a visually stunning backdrop but also facilitated vibrant networking opportunities. Industry leaders gathered here, fostering collaborations and initiating dialogues that could shape the industry’s future. This unique fusion of style and functionality echoed true[X]’s commitment to innovation.

True X table and chairs at Brandweek Booth
True X Brandweek Booth

Custom Fabrication

Our high-impact demo stations were a testament to our commitment to functionality and design. Equipped with sleek, custom-fabricated digital storage units, they were not just presentation booths. They transformed into interactive areas for brainstorming sessions, idea exchanges, and riveting discussions.

Choura’s devotion to creating purposeful, experiential spaces sets us apart in the event industry. With our unparalleled attention to detail and dedication to elevating each event’s aesthetic and functional aspects, we can transform any event into a memorable experience.

Whether you’re organizing a conference, exhibition, or business meet, we can help. We don’t just create events; we create experiences that inspire, connect, and resonate with attendees. So, reach out to Choura Events today, and let’s create an environment that not only looks great but also feels perfect. Together, we can design an experience that will not just meet expectations but exceed them, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

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