AEG: Grammy Awards

For over four years, Choura has had the distinct honor to collaborate with the global conglomerate AEG. Our involvement has extended across a multitude of their brand activation. Playing a significant role in actualizing their events vision. This enduring partnership has provided us with remarkable opportunities to put our expertise to work. Consistently impressing AEG and their distinguished guests with our creativity and attention to detail.

Among these opportunities, a standout moment came in 2020 when we were tasked to engineer a truly epic experience for the 62nd Annual Recording Academy Grammy Awards. In this globally recognized event, our team embraced the challenge and stepped in to produce a one-of-a-kind red carpet and after-party experience for the richly talented artists and high-profile executives in attendance.


Entry Build



AEG 2020 Inventory Collection

Throughout the Grammy Awards event, Choura’s capabilities were on full display. In both the pre-party and after-party. We created memorable moments for AEG executives and talent by utilizing our own high-end furniture and decor collection. Our aim was to construct an environment that not only reflected the prestige of the occasion. But also exuded an inviting ambiance that encouraged camaraderie and celebration among the guests.

AEG Grammy Awards Entrance, couple posing for photo
Custom Setaing arrangements for AEG Grammy Awards Show

Floral Installations & Decor

To add an extra layer of aesthetic appeal, we commissioned skilled floral artists and our lead producers to create intricate hanging installations and centerpieces. These pieces served as captivating eye-candy, evoking admiration from the attendees as they made their entrance. We believe that first impressions matter. With these exquisite installations, we were successful in setting a tone of elegance and opulence for the rest of the event.

Custom Bars & Elements

Furthermore, we designed and fabricated custom bars and an entry piece. Both highlighting AEG’s core values. These installations were not just functional. They told a story, capturing AEG’s mission and adding depth to the overall event narrative. By integrating these elements. We could create an environment that was not only visually striking but also conveyed a strong message about the brand behind the event.

AEG custom bar with glass shelving hanging from ceiling

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