Amazon Prime Video

Establishing a strong reputation for producing nationally recognized, memorable experiences. Choura enthusiastically embraced the opportunity when commissioned by Amazon to create a unique activation for the internationally renowned Comic-Con event. Our dedicated team wholeheartedly committed to the project. Aiming to design a must-see experiential moment that would captivate the event’s attendees.

Our goal was to introduce fans to acclaimed Amazon shows by masterfully recreating iconic scenes within an immersive build. An ambitious endeavor requiring an intimate understanding of the shows and exceptional attention to detail. This one-of-a-kind experience successfully transcended traditional brand activation, deeply resonating with the devoted fan base.

10 Day



Structure & Flooring



1M+ Press



Social Impressions

From the Floor Up

Central to our vision was the introduction of specialized flooring. Designed to withstand the foot traffic of hundreds of thousands of excited fans. The flooring not only ensured the longevity of the structure, but also created a solid foundation for the immersive experience we sought to create.

The structure itself was thoughtfully crafted to achieve the delicate balance between gaining maximum exposure and fostering a personal connection with the brand. Our design emphasized accessibility and inclusivity, making fans feel like they were an integral part of the experience rather than passive observers.

Amazon Prime Video, immersive digital content.
Exterior view of Amazon Prime's VR experience area

Prime Real Estate

The site of the activation was carefully chosen for maximum impact. Positioned on a highly trafficked corner directly opposite the convention center, the build was emblazoned with branding to maximize visibility. This strategic placement helped draw in the crowds and heightened the anticipation of the immersive experience that awaited within.

Integrated Build

We ensured that the inside of the structure was as captivating as its exterior. Housing a range of digital and augmented interactions, the activation included cutting-edge VR experiences that allowed fans to literally step inside their favorite shows. This innovative use of technology transformed fans from mere viewers into active participants in their beloved shows, elevating their engagement with the Amazon brand to unprecedented heights.

Front entrance of Amazon Prime Video's tent framed by palm trees.

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