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Extended dining decks

Choura, leading the industry in custom event solutions. We spearheaded a revolutionary approach to help restaurants reopen safely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Leveraging our expertise in innovative building strategies; we collaborated with bustling communities in Orange County and A-list Hollywood eateries to bring to life socially safe and enhanced outdoor dining spaces, or as we call them, ‘extended dining decks.’

We strove to create welcoming and safe environments that allowed restaurants to keep their doors open while ensuring the safety of their patrons. The extended dining decks we conceptualized and brought to life not only met but surpassed public health guidelines, marrying function and form.


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Building for the community

We took on projects across Laguna Beach’s busy Forest Ave, the famous Craig’s in Hollywood, and numerous other high-profile locales. These endeavors saw us create an impressive 3,600+ square feet of level. ADA-compliant raised decks – our iconic elevated dining decks. Our designs incorporated stained plank flooring, customized planter boxes, artistically inspired walls, and finely curated lighting. Making each outdoor space a haven for patrons.

The reaction from clients and diners was overwhelmingly positive. Such was the appreciation for these transformed spaces. Many advocated to keep these elevated dining decks up, even as social safety protocols began to ease. This transformation showcased our ability to adapt and innovate, providing solutions that not only met immediate needs but also added lasting value.

Ryan Choura with restaurant owner leaning on fence
Exterior Extended Dining Deck

Sanitation Kiosks

Recognizing that maintaining high hygiene standards was equally important. Choura stepped up to produce an array of sanitation kiosks. These kiosks, offered in an assortment of branding options and sizes ranging from 8” X 50” to 16” X 59” and even larger. Designed with practicality in mind. The offerings ranged from sleek slim dispenser stands to larger, multi-dispenser stands. Each customizable, ADA compliant, scratch-resistant, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

As we navigate the new norms of social interaction. Choura remains committed to working with communities and businesses to create spaces that allow for social connection in a safe environment. We are proud to have made a significant difference during a challenging time. We remain ready to bring your next outdoor dining vision to life.

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