Facebook, as a globally recognized brand, continually seeks innovative ways to distinguish itself, particularly during large-scale trade shows. The company’s desire to consistently evolve and maintain its prominent status in the technology sector was the driving force behind its unique request. To cater to Facebook’s specific needs and embody its forward-thinking approach, Choura’s fabrication team rose to the challenge, creating unique, modular structures that encapsulated Facebook’s diverse business and branding objectives.


Custom Structure

Tech Integrated


Highly Visible


Made for Meetings

Understanding the importance of spaces conducive to business discussions, our team designed a pioneering double-decker structure. This remarkable piece consisted of two levels of private meeting spaces, each meticulously tailored to suit executive presentations. The upper level provided an expansive view of the trade show, inspiring creativity and strategic thought, while the lower level offered an intimate, distraction-free environment conducive to productive discussions.

Facebook meeting room at trade show
Facebook trade show exhibit showcasing innovative design

Modular Build Strategy

In designing the structures, we adopted a flexible build strategy, enabling the reutilization of the structures’ components across multiple shows. This versatility ensured maximum utilization of resources, embodying the ethos of efficiency and adaptability synonymous with both Facebook and Choura.


One of our primary considerations was to equip each structure with state-of-the-art technological amenities. Internal wiring and electric outlets were installed throughout, providing an uninterrupted power supply necessary for business operations. Additionally, we established local Wifi hotspots within each structure, enabling continuous connectivity and ensuring that the Facebook teams remained operational and charged throughout the event.

In essence, our collaborative endeavor with Facebook resulted in a series of high-impact, resourceful, and dynamic trade show structures, reinforcing the tech giant’s innovative brand identity.

Facebook Trade Show Booth

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