The Trade Desk Palooza

The Trade Desk, an international ad tech leader, envisioned a unique experience for their Downtown Los Angeles offices. Their aim wasn’t just any event. Instead, they desired an immersive occasion to resonate with employees and align them with the company’s core values. Choura, known for crafting unique experiences, accepted the challenge.


Employees in Attendance


Activation Areas


Custom Fabrication

An Adult Playground

At Choura, we understand the profound impact of environments. Bearing this in mind, our devoted team began creating an outdoor play zone. This space wasn’t a mere casual area; it was a vibrant adult playground. It boasted a bespoke basketball court, a lively game area, an enormous slide, and even a ferris wheel.

This was just our starting point. Our goal was to mirror The Trade Desk’s identity in a unique environment. It had to be more than just a gathering; we aimed for a memorable experience. Using our creativity and fabrication skills, we created custom experiences for all. Our work ranged from the inviting entry archway to the inspirational ‘path to palooza’, subtly showcasing the company’s values.

Custom Activation booth for The Trade Desk, with teepee
Basketball Court at The Trade Desk Los Angeles Convention Center

CUSTOM Fabrication

Another event highlight was the ‘barcade.’ This distinctive space mimicked original Nintendo controls. Not only visually engaging, it also hosted video games, allowing guests to recall childhood memories. Alongside this, we established tranquil spaces such as the Zen lounge and the campground lounge. These areas catered to those seeking a serene atmosphere.

Each detail underwent careful planning and execution. The result was a memorable experience for every attendee. Consequently, The Trade Desk achieved their goal of a distinctive office experience

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