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AMP up the presence for Zound Industries

Zound Industries aspired to make a significant impression at the year’s paramount tech conference. Their goal was to showcase their three top-tier partner brands: Adidas, Marshall, and Urbanears. With this challenge, they turned to Choura, their trusted partner for creating extraordinary event experiences.

3 Brands


3 Builds

and installations



Created to Convert

In response, our team at Choura conceptualized three unique installations. Each one was designed to embody the individual aesthetic of the brands and created a captivating platform for their latest products. The task at hand was not just to assemble three separate builds but to breathe life into each. Amplifying their distinct ethos to the conference attendees.

Every detail was critical. We meticulously crafted each component at our Southern California warehouse, where our skilled crew assembled and tested every part of the installations. This rigorous pre-assembly ensured the perfect fit on-site, with each element aligning seamlessly to create three mesmerizing, fully-realized experiences.

Marshalls speaker showcase at Zound Industries CES
Zound Industries CES Booth

From the Warehouse to Vegas

The challenge was not just to assemble these builds on-site, but also to ensure that they could be deconstructed without damage. With the conference’s scale and prestige, we wanted to guarantee that our work didn’t just shine during the event. But also that it left no trace or damage post-event. Our teams collaborated closely with venue management during the breakdown, resulting in a seamless deconstruction that protected all materials and the event site.

Seamless Breakdown

This endeavor was a true testament to our commitment of upholding the brand image and integrity. Even when the spotlight was turned off. The efficient breakdown was a silent yet crucial aspect of our service. Demonstrating our respect for the venues we transform and the materials we utilize.

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