Event and Facility Setup During COVID-19

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Many businesses have seen the need more outdoor event setup, because of the COVID-19 pandemic –changing many things we were used to–some of these things being our facilities, events, and workspaces. Everyone saw the need to build safe spaces to ensure they easily stay in business.  

And one major priority is ensuring the safety of your guests and employees respectively. For example, event organizers and employers returning to full operation have to consider certain factors to ensure that things go smoothly. 

This article shows some essential practices to adopt when setting up your workspaces, event centers and builds during the pandemic. 

Perform Daily Risk Assessments & Screenings

Risk assessment involves checking if your venues and spaces are safe enough for people. This consists of disinfecting the surroundings daily. The essence of doing this is to kill the germs lingering on surfaces. 

And for screenings, you should consider doing on-site testing or using an Infrared Thermometer to check your guests or employees’ temperatures before giving them access to the buildings. This provides everyone rest of mind.  

Organize Your Event Builds Space With Safety Measures in Mind

Whether you choose to work with tenting & structures experts or not, one thing remains certain which is you must create a space that prioritizes safety. And this is what we do at Choura; we help create safe spaces for organizations during the pandemic.

Decide on Plans and Protocols for Your Event Environment

Your environment plays a critical role in the right steps to take for operating during the pandemic. For example, for restaurants, churches, schools, and other facilities, it is safer to set up outdoor builds because they allow free airflow. And in such conditions, it is more difficult for the virus to spread.

The use of a digital entrance validation system for events is also a good addition. It helps get to go in faster, reducing crowds at entry points and free traffic flow.

Do You Want to Setup Event or Facility Builds During the Pandemic?

Do you have an event or facility you need help setting up in this period? Choura is a team of design and building experts who actively help organizations stay in business and maintain safe spaces during the pandemic. If you want to setup event builds, and need professional help. Talk to us here

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