Choura Adds Experiential Concepts & Design Core Offering

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The Rise of Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing has become a thing of the future. As brands look at their marketing plans and budgets, they’re investing in ways to engage with their audiences in person. This allows for brands to get creative with their messaging and push the limits to increase positive brand perception. As customers interact, brands are able to create and nurture business opportunities and develop long-term customer loyalty.

Choura’s Addition of Experiential Concepts and Design

In addition to event production, custom fabrication, and tent rentals, Choura recently announced the addition of Experiential Concepts and Design. We are now able to ideate with your team to create custom and unique experiences to engage your target customer. The capability will include services such as:

  • Experiential Strategy & Insights
  • Integrated Content
  • Innovative Technology
  • 3D Design and Renderings
  • Floor Plans and CAD Layouts

The Full Experiential Capabilities of Choura

This will allow Choura full experiential capabilities from concepts and design to fabrication and final build. We already had the ability to creatively build all types of events, and now we can work with you to create an experience and find ways to highlight your brand in a new light.

Partnering with Choura for Innovative Brand Experiences

Are you a brand looking to create something innovative and interesting to reach more of your audience? Give us a call and bring us on board. We will help you at any capacity whether that be through ideation with your team or taking your idea and bringing it to life.

Explore Choura’s Full List of Capabilities

Check out our full list of capabilities here.

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