Tent Rental Tips for Outdoor Events




Are you considering hosting an outdoor event? Or has COVID turned your plans into needing outdoor accommodations? If yes, you should know that there are many preparations that go into hosting it and making the day extra special for everyone in attendance, including renting a tent. Here are five things to consider when choosing the right tent rental for you.

How Many Guests Are You Expecting?

The number of guests you’re expecting is the main factor determining the size of tent you will need. Particular guests require special facilities to be in place. For example, if you’re going to have food vendors, you’d have to make room for them too. Additionally, if a member of your party is in wheelchairs, you might want to consider getting a wheelchair ramp. 

What’s The Event About?

Different tents have their strong suits. For example, Pole tents are better on grass areas, more affordable, easy to install by just driving stakes to the ground. At the same time, Frame tents give you more room because there are no poles to limit your movement, and they serve you better in the long run.

What Accessories Do You Need?

Your accessories are essential as that help keep everyone comfortable and put everything in place properly. For example, some essential accessories you might need include Sidewalls because they protect your guests from sideways rain and help keep the heat in. 

Another essential accessory to consider is Drapings. If you’re using a pole tent, you might want to have something to cover the exposed poles to make it warmer for your guests. Others are lighting, flooring, climate control, etc.

What Season or Time of the Day is the Event Holding?

The weather is a major deciding factor for a tent rental and creating the right environment. When it rains, you will need sidewalls to protect your guests from getting wet. When it’s nighttime, you would need extra lighting. And in the winter, you would need to get heating.

Does the Location Require Permit?

Almost every town requires permits. And the requirements for these permits may vary by the number of guests, size of tents, whether you’ll use equipment like generators, heaters, drapings, etc. (Los Angeles event permit examples.)

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