Weatherproofing Rentals For Your Business In Winter Months




Weatherproofing Rentals As Winter Approaches in Los Angeles

Outdoor deck with weatherproof umbrellas

Choura Events: Weatherproofing Outdoor Deck

Weatherproofing rentals has been a huge focus as winter approaches.  In Southern California, the stereotype is that it is always sunny and warm. While that is true most days out of the year, there are some factors to take into consideration. According to studies conducted at the University of Southern California, the Los Angeles area has a Mediterranean climate. Which is typically defined by a dry spring and summer season, then a wet winter system. The same study affirms that this is true, stating that while winters in Los Angeles are mild with average temperatures of 68 degrees Fahrenheit, heavy rainfall can occur throughout the season.

The ‘wet season’ in Los Angeles typically begins in November, and runs until April. Now that we are at the start of the wet season, businesses are thinking about how to keep their outdoor spaces busy despite the rain. Choura has state of the art designs and inventory in order to convert our builds into weatherproof models so that patrons can enjoy outdoor spaces no matter the weather. We can weatherproof our builds in a variety of ways: by providing fire pits and portable heaters, waterproof flooring/decking, large tenting, and weather resistant umbrellas. Additionally, now that daylight savings makes our days shorter, Choura has ambient lighting design that can make evening outdoor spaces warm and inviting. Overall, it is important to think about how to prepare to weatherproof your outdoor space as the Los Angeles area heads into it’s winter season.

Choura: Weatherproofing Rentals Inventory

Choura Team installing weatherproofing builds

Choura Events: Weatherproof Build

At Choura, we pride ourselves on our ability to keep on innovating, and not be boring. The innovative designs that allow for our builds to be weatherproof for winter months is anything but boring. Our builders are experts in construction, and surpass customer expectations time and time again. Our builders are exceptionally skilled across a diversity of materials and settings to construct high-quality marketing events, pop-ups, retail builds, and more.

Partnering with best-in-class brands and agencies, we deliver specialized outdoor experiential environments that can easily be weatherproofed for the winter. For example, we have partnered with Workshop Kitchen and Bar, in Palm Springs, CA  to create an ambient outdoor space for the winter months. With patio covers and ample string lighting, Workshop Kitchen and Bar is able to keep customers coming to their outdoor space even in the cool winter months. We have also partnered with other restaurants, such as Craig’s in West Hollywood, to weatherproof their rental build to protect against the rain and wind. This included installing a roof and heaters on their patio.

Choura finished the build hours before the first wet season rain started in Los Angeles. Amplifying the importance of weatherproofing your rental outdoor space for the winter months. Even if they may be mild. We have also built large scale tents for other partners, such as Sea Coast Grace Church, that will cover them against the rain and allow for them to have outdoor services for the entirety of the wet season. To see more of our builds, hear from our partners, and check out our inventory, visit our website or check out our Instagram.


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