Should You Buy or Rent a Tent for Your Business or Event?

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Thinking of getting a tent for your business and caught between needing to rent a tent or purchase? This can be quite confusing for business owners out there, but they should be considering the pricing and length of use before making a final choice.

Today, the demand for outdoor tents has increased heavily due to the pandemic and how the authorities have given the go-ahead to have your events and operate your businesses outdoors because they don’t easily cause the spread of COVID

So whether it’s for an event, restaurant, church programs, or other social gatherings, outdoor tents have become a popular choice. 

While this is good, it has caused many headaches for event organizers and business owners, who need tents to set up their events. And the question they all ask is; Should I buy a tent or rent?

To solve this problem, here are some things to consider.

Rent a Tent or Buy: Consider Your Budget

This is a major decider of whether you should rent or buy tents. If your event is a one-day conference or wedding, then there’s no point buying. You get a better deal renting, especially the the large custom structures. This way, you save more money. Plus, you won’t have to spend any extra money maintaining it as it sits in a warehouse unused. It’s as simple as, once you’re done using it, you return it.

The Need

Why do you need a tent in the first instance? There are some practical situations where renting a tent will come in handy and where it won’t. As mentioned above, if it’s for a short event like a wedding, conference, corporate picnic, etc. Then renting won’t be a bad idea. 

On the other hand, if you need it for extended use, let’s say you plan to use it for years, and as a storage unit, buying will be the obvious choice. You could also look into the rent-to-own option that some rental companies offer.

Let’s Help You with Tent Rentals and Setting up Outdoor Builds 

If you’ve decided to rent, we have a large inventory of tents for whatever outdoor need you’re trying to satisfy. What’s more is, our team of creatives is well-versed in setting up your versatile outdoor builds to suit whatever needs you might have. To get started, click here

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